North Caspian Report

The North Caspian Report is an online publication edited by the North Caspian Institute. It publishes analytical reports, articles and essays by scholars, journalists and activists from the North Caspian — Lower Volga region and others who write about ethnic minority rights, regional politics and issues of security in Central Asia and territories controlled by Russia.

No. 5 Free Nations League convenes for its first congress in Estonia
Dor Shabashewitz • 17 April 2024

No. 4 Xenophobia on the rise in Russia after Moscow concert attack
Dor Shabashewitz • 24 March 2024

No. 3 Impact of war and emigration on minority language activism in Russia
Vlada Baranova • 19 February 2024

No. 2 Designing a new Kalmykia
Davur Dordzhiev • 5 February 2024

No. 1 Decolonizing the toponymy of Astrakhan
Dor Shabashewitz • 28 January 2024
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